Susan takes the anxiety out

Susan takes the anxiety out of dealing with Medicare. I am grateful for her expertise in this area, and her help navigating the system. I highly recommend her.

Billing Guru

“If billing professionals had a guru, Susan Frager would be that guru, the one we all need to understand a confusing and frustrating industry. With 20+ years of experience, she has amassed a mind-numbing number of hours contemplating arcane insurance billing details and using that knowledge to help mental health professionals keep their office lights on. If you are anything like me, you became a therapist because you love the clients, the work, and the thrill of supporting your clients in their process of healing — not billing, paperwork, or tracking claims. Susan has managed my private practice’s billing for over 2 years with excellent results. For one, she has kept my brain from exploding over the incomprehensible actions insurance companies take with claims, actions that can negatively impact clients. My brain appreciates this. She has the knack of explaining the murk of insurance billing in a clear, concise way that finally makes sense. I strongly recommend Susan Frager and My Billing Buddy, as a way to bring clarity to your billing.”