Terms and Conditions

Refund policies, terms & conditions:

  • No refunds on purchased written content or webinars. However, please contact Your Billing Buddy if you have any problems or issues. Your satisfaction is important.


  • For live events or individual consultations, you can receive a full refund minus a $10 processing fee if you cancel 72 hours or more (3 calendar days) prior to the event/meeting.


  • Mental health professional agrees that all individual time purchased is a final sale unless cancelled prior to 72 hours in advance. However, if the consultation or other service takes less time than booked, mental health professional agrees that Your Billing Buddy will allow use of the remainder of the time at a future date. There are no expiration dates on unused time. If after 6 months the remainder of the time is not used, mental health professional can request and receive a refund on the unused time minus a $5 processing fee.


  • There will be NO refunds on cancellations for live events or individual consultations if cancelled less than 72 hours (3 calendar days) before the event/meeting.
    • Webinar registrants who cancel will still receive the recording of the event, with no expiration of access.


  • Technical problems with webinars will only result in full or partial refunds if the technical problem originated with Your Billing Buddy. Attendee’s technical problems will not constitute grounds for a refund, because the full recording and slide presentation will be made available with no expiration of access.


  • If you buy Fix My Claim time, and Your Billing Buddy’s suggestions for you do not result in claim payment, there will be no refund of the fees paid. Instead, Your Billing Buddy will schedule additional time(s) with you at no more cost to re-examine your claim, if:
    • There is documentation of all steps that you took after the original consultation and this documentation is furnished during subsequent consultation.
    • If Your Billing Buddy’s original recommendations were not followed, then you agree that you will be charged for the subsequent consultation time.


  • If you buy Fix My Claim time, and Your Billing Buddy determines that your claim is not likely to be paid after reviewing your system/documentation/coding, there will be no refund of the fees paid. Instead, you agree that Your Billing Buddy will use the remaining time to educate you individually on the mistake(s) that was/were made and make recommendations regarding how to avoid such mistakes on future claims.


  • In webinars, group sessions, and written content, Your Billing Buddy agrees to differentiate clearly between fact and opinion. If presented as fact, citations of definitive source material will be provided. If an opinion is expressed, attendee acknowledges that the opinion is based on the fact(s) as of the date of the presentation/publication and the experience(s) of Your Billing Buddy. This is an ever-evolving field, and opinion(s) can and will change as new regulations, laws, policies, and procedures dictate. Your Billing Buddy offers no guarantees, expressed or implied, that an opinion presented as an opinion will be 100% correct for any individual situation/claim. There are too many factors to successful claims payment that cannot be examined in any one webinar, group session, or help manual.


  • Purchasing mental health professional acknowledges that Your Billing Buddy is not a lawyer, accountant, or other professional, and further acknowledges and accepts that Your Billing Buddy will refer to the appropriate professional for any questions or situations outside the scope of Your Billing Buddy’s expertise, at Your Billing Buddy’s discretion. This will not constitute the basis for a refund, either in full or in part. It is the responsibility of the mental health professional to determine prior to booking any Your Billing Buddy service that the service will be able to address the mental health professional’s needs. Please contact Your Billing Buddy prior to booking, to ask any questions you might have regarding Your Billing Buddy’s ability to address your needs.


You acknowledge that under no circumstances does Your Billing Buddy guarantee that any state licensure board or certifying entity will accept Your Billing Buddy’s educational offerings for Continuing Education credit. Your Billing Buddy encourages you to try to obtain CE credit if you choose to do so – but will not provide refunds if CE credit is denied.

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