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Responsibility Drift

Don’t pay to be paid! How to hold insurance accountable to perform their jobs. Next to unacceptably low reimbursement, numerous administrative tasks are another reason clinicians don’t participate in panels. Do you feel more overwhelmed with admin tasks than you

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mental health ghost networks, evil grin ghosts, haunting


Mental health “ghost networks:” the inability to find mental health providers participating on an insurance panel that actually have openings. Inadequate reimbursement, not directory inadequacy, is the main culprit.

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How to evaluate billing software - blog post -image "info" in blocks - Your Billing Buddy

How to evaluate billing software – Part 4

The first three installments of this series have enhanced your understanding of the complexities involved in successful revenue cycle management. To conclude the series, let’s look at the most important tool in billing: software. Even if you hire a biller, the

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How to bill for yourself - blog post - image of skeleton on computer - Your Billing Buddy

How to bill for yourself! – Part 3

YES – it is possible to be successful billing for yourself.  Last time, I discussed the complexities involved in identifying a billing service that would be a good fit for your practice.  Now, in Part 3, let’s examine the opposite

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