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Why You Need a Billing Buddy!

Psychiatric billing is so stressful! I procrastinate and lose money.

I want to hire a behavioral health billing company but how do I find a good one?

Medicare and Medicaid are so hard to figure out!

How do I use my mental health/psychotherapy billing software? Electronic claims? CMS-1500?

My practice manager quit! What do I do?

Billing services charge a lot of money. It seems like it shouldn’t be that hard to do it myself.

They didn’t teach me about managing a private behavioral health practice in graduate school.

My biller is a disaster. I’m not collecting what I should be!

What do all these billing terms and codes mean?

How do I figure out how much to collect from my patients?

There are all these rules to learn! I don’t want to get in trouble.

I have no idea what to do when claims get denied…so I give up instead.

"If billing professionals had a guru, Susan Frager would be that guru, the one we all need to understand a confusing and frustrating industry. With 20+ years of experience, she has amassed a mind-numbing number of hours contemplating arcane insurance billing details and using that knowledge to help mental health professionals keep their office lights on. If you are anything like me, you became a therapist because you love the clients, the work, and the thrill of supporting your clients in their process of healing -- not billing, paperwork, or tracking claims. Susan has managed my private practice’s billing for over 2 years with excellent results. For one, she has kept my brain from exploding over the incomprehensible actions insurance companies take with claims, actions that can negatively impact clients. My brain appreciates this. She has the knack of explaining the murk of insurance billing in a clear, concise way that finally makes sense. I strongly recommend Susan Frager and My Billing Buddy, as a way to bring clarity to your billing."

Dianne B.

"Susan is a life saver for anyone starting or expanding a practice! As a Clinical Psychologist, we get very little training in the ins and outs of billing issues, coding, and ethical considerations as we work directly with patients. Yes, we are often in a position of having to do last minute research and guessing in a lot of matters related to our practice. As a clinical psychologist and owner of a NYC based psychotherapy practice that has grown from one to seven employees in five years, I can say that I don't know if I could have navigated this process without her. There have been many times that I have felt personally overwhelmed and confused, and Susan has come back with clear answers and insights that are presented in a way that help make the process go smoothly. She is smart, responsive, and incredibly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Susan for anyone practicing therapy and can't express enough how valuable she is to have as an extension of your practice!"

Sera L.

"Susan is a great teacher! I’ve worked with Susan for the past 6 months and she has successfully taken me through the steps teaching me all the way on how to bill and navigate the whole insurance system. My meetings with Susan are efficient and effective. I get paid and I learn another step each time on how to organize myself as I learn to become my own biller. Thanks to Your Billing Buddy, I feel more confident and secure running this part of my practice. I am grateful for Susan’s service! She is MY billing buddy! "

Liesl S.